Technical Support – 1 Hour

49150 (-67%)

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Product Specifications:

  1. Computer support on Windows, Android, and Apple
  2. We can teach you how to manage passwords step by step
  3. We'll explain how to shop on the Internet with total security
  4. We will remove viruses from your devices
  5. We will configure a program for you.
  6. We will install Updates (if needed)
  7. We will make your operating system more secure
  8. We will give you advice on protecting your data from computer hackers
  9. We will fix various errors in your operating system


49150 (-67%)


Technical Support Services

We will repair your PC remotely, teach you how to use the programs you need to work, and explain how to buy from the Internet safely by guiding you step by step.

All our experience in the field will be at your disposal and according to your needs, we will find a quick solution to your PC problems.

So many people nowadays do not know how to use new technologies and often fall into trivial mistakes that can sometimes prove fatal, such as protecting their bank account credentials. Our technicians are qualified to teach you the latest security techniques that will make your life easier with password management.

If we cannot find a solution or you are not satisfied, we will give you a full refund.

Our technicians follow you step by step through the new digital processes that banks and structured companies use.
This support service is very dynamic and adaptable to any need. From the private individual to the corporate executive, our customers will always be satisfied.

Once you purchase the package you will be contacted by phone and receive the necessary assistance. Our technicians, through remote control programs, will solve the problems of your PC, smartphone, tablet, Ipad, iPhone, and Mac in real time.

Through this service, one of our technicians will make himself available to speed up your computer, fix it and clean it of any malware.

Why Choose Our Support Service?

  • Reliable, fast, and cheap.
  • Cleaning of temporary files.
  • Operating system optimization.
  • Various error resolutions.
  • Updates if necessary.

Computer Assistance

provide support for windows and android 1000x

Technical Support - 1 Hour

49150 (-67%)

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